Notable sites and buildings


Founded in the 10th century by the De Gasques family, the parish of Gasques fell under Moissac’s feudal influence from the 13th century onwards. Aimery de Peyrac mentions Gasques among the benefices of the Abbey of Moissac.

In 1081 Hugues de Gasques began construction of the Château of Goudourville. In 1287 Philippe le Bel ceded the parish to the King of England, Edward I. In 1495 the family of Guillaume de Lion succeeded Jean de Gasques.

Their descendants continued as lords of Gasques until the Revolution (1789), when Jean-Henri de Lion was present at the assembly of the three Orders of the Agenais. Gasques was in Lot-et-Garonne until 1808, but became part of Tarn-et-Garonne when that department was created.

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