Gasques-Goudourville-St Vincent Lespinasse

Gasque to St. Vincent Lespinasse 

As you come into Gasques you will see the main road ahead of you. There is a house on your right called ‘La Grange au Chene”. Turn left onto the main road and then immediately right,  signposted ‘Fontaine – Lavoir’.  The beautiful church of Gasques is in front of you before you turn. Follow the path down between the houses. It narrows alongside a house, on your left, with a stone wall and fence on your right. Follow this path all the way down until the end of the stone wall.  Here you come to a narrow path and steps which go down to the lavoir. The path goes between the lavoir itself and some picnic benches. Turn left and after approximately 20m turn right down a steep woodland path. At the bottom of the hill this track comes out onto a road (C1). Turn left and then right on the main road (D46).

After about 30m turn left onto a grass track. (Go past the bus shelter on your right and almost immediately after the bus turning circle, this grass track is to the left of the main road.) Follow this track for a short time until you come to a concrete bridge without railings. Turn left into a small woodland track following the stream.  This track ends near a concrete bridge. Do not cross the bridge, but keep to your right to follow the tarmac road. When the road bends to the right, go straight on next to a sign ‘Carretou’ into a woodland path. Next you come to another concrete bridge where you go straight on following the grass track.  This bends round to the right after a while. You can now see a big wooden barn. Once you reach this barn, the track becomes a tarmac road and leads into a hamlet called ‘Clombier’.  Follow the track into the hamlet and turn left next to a small brook and a house with a laurel hedge. Keep going on the road until you eventually join the D46, just after a small bridge. Turn right and follow this road down to the T-junction of the D953. Turn right and follow the road into the village of Lalande. In the village turn left  onto the D57, signposted ‘St. Vincent Lespinasse’ and ‘St. Paul d’Espis’. The road makes a bend opposite a beautiful old house with a pigeonier. At this point turn right up a grassy track (just before the end of village sign for Lalande).  This track is bordered by fields, then hedges and subsequently woodland. You can see an old stone windmill (it has no vanes) at the top of the hill. The path bends round slightly to the right as you go up the hill and eventually comes out by the restored windmill, at one time a pepper mill, on your right. Turn left onto a grassy track and keep going straight on. As you enter the wood the path will go up through the woods until you come to a farm on your right. After the farmhouse turn left on the on to a track which leads towards St. Vincent Lespinasse.  You pass an old water tower with a tiled roof on your left. The path slopes down. Carry straight on to the road towards the village.  There are some houses after the village sign. Take the right fork into the village,then take a left fork into a small road which goes up a steep hill which leads to the church.  Follow this road past the church and down the hill. Turn right on the main road and the car park is opposite you.

Gasques to Castelsagrat :

The numerical data is given in metres.



 4925 6900


 134 68


 176 184


 127 153


 97 175


 1 H 45 2 H 25