Boudou-Malause-St Vincent Lespinasse

St. Vincent Lespinasse to Gasques  

Started in car park behind the church near the ‘halle’ (old market hall). Turn right out of car park and going uphill, turn left towards the church. Pass the church on your right. Follow the road down the hill and then turn right onto the main road. On leaving the village, carry straight on, going slightly uphill. Ignore the road going downhill on the right. Continue straight along the road after the village sign of St  Vincent Lespinasse. The road bends slightly and you will see a water tower with a roof on the right.  There is a beautiful view over to the Garonne valley on the left. After about 100 metres, just after the last house on the right, turn right into an unmade track going slightly uphill.  The water tower is in view on your right. As you come up the hill you get beautiful views on either side. Follow the track with a hedge of the right hand side. There is a view of a chateau and the Golfech power station on your left. The track continues past the old water tower on your right. Eventually you come to a grass track on your right, by a farm house. Turn right and follow this grass track with the farm house now on your left. (The track meets a gravel road after the farmhouse – do not go this far). The path continues downhill entering a wood. It continues downhill and bends slightly to the left. (Ignore a path on the right). Eventually there is a clearing in the wood (ignore another path on the right). You now follow the path straight on  with trees on the right. On your left is a field and a view towards Golfech. You now come to an old restored windmill (old pepper mill). Turn right directly in front of the windmill into a grass track, which starts to go downhill.  Follow the track down the hill between hedges. After a while, it bends slightly to the left. Continue on this path all the way down into the valley. When the woodland finishes, the path is skirted by hedges and eventually fields. It terminates on the D57 in Lalande, opposite a beautiful old house with a pigeonier. Turn left into the village of Lalande. Follow the D57 to the T-junction in the village and turn right onto the main road. This is the D953. You then leave the village of Lalande following the D953 and crossing the bridge over the Barguelonne river. Turn left onto the D46 heading towards Gasques. Follow the D46 past a bus shelter on your left. Keep going to the next left where you turn and go over a little bridge by the signposts to Colombier and La Combette. Follow the tarmac road. This makes a slight right bend. Continue straight to the hamlet of Colombier.  Continue to the T-junction and turn right. Follow the road until it becomes a grass track next to a house with a large barn. Carry straight on along the grass track and keep following it as it bends round to the left. This track continues to a small concrete bridge and then between a row of trees with fields either side.  (The track runs parallel to the D46). The track joins a tarmac road next to a signpost saying ‘Carretou’. Keep going straight along the road, which now veers slightly to the right. The road makes a bend by a concrete bridge. Do not cross the bridge, but carry straight on along a woodland path bordered by a small stream. This woodland path eventually stops by another concrete bridge, where you follow it to the right leading you onto to the main road (D46). Turn right on the D46 and then immediately left on to the C1 towards Gasques. This is just after a bus shelter in a turnaround for buses).  After about 20 meters leave the road and take the small steep woodland track which leads up the hill.  (Also signposted GRP Quercy – Paye de Serre). At the top of the steep woodland path turn left opposite a rock face.  You will immediately see a picnic area and the ‘lavoir’ (former washhouse for the village).  Take the small track leading up the hill above the ‘lavoir’.  At the top you enter the village of Gasque via a grassy narrow path with a stone wall and fencing on your left, and further fencing and houses on your right.   When the path widens entering the village, continue straight on with the fence on your left until you reach the main road in the village. Turn left.  The beautiful old church of Gasques is on your right. Then, almost immediately turn right next to a house called ‘La Grange au Chene’.

St Vincent Lespinasse to Boudou :

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