Notable sites and buildings


A Visigothic past, a Baroque church, a square for strolling in…you are in Castelsagrat in the Quercy.
Situated on the ancient Roman road “la Clermontoise”, which ran from Bordeaux to Lyon, the village of Castelsagrat suffered many invasions, right up to the end of the Middle Ages. The discovery of a Visigoth tomb proves that it was occupied in the 5th and 6th centuries by the Visigoths.
In the 13th century Alphonse of Poitiers made a bastide at Castelsagrat, built around the church and the central square. The church, dating from the 14th century, houses one of the most beautiful retables in Europe. It is richly Baroque in style, with twisted columns, cherubs, garlands and insects…
Numerous vestiges from the time of the bastide’s creation in 1270 survive in the central square. Particularly notable are the arcades supported by stone arches, and half-timbered houses, surrounding all four sides of the square.
There are footpaths from the village into the surrounding countryside of hills and valleys.